David Cottrell

You wildly exceeded all of our expectations. We can honestly say that our company is stronger because of you.

— Melissa Reiff, President, The Container Store

[David is] are a gifted speaker with a unique ability to take leadership principles which can be utilized on a daily basis and communicate them clearly and in a common sense manner.

— David T. Vandewater, President & CIO, Ardent Health Services

Clearly, the highlight of the day and the “difference maker” was the series you facilitated. Many participants were especially impressed by your ability to tie the qualities of successful leadership directly to our core values and philosophy. This approach resonated very well with our leaders.

— CenterPoint Energy

You presented an important message full of powerful wisdom and examples, punctuated with style and humor. You bring a presence and charisma to your audience, and you know how to involve the crowd and keep them attentive.

— Manufacturers Resource Center

David's southern charm, wit, and passion combined with his "reigniting success" message were perfect timing. "No Matter What", "From Now On", and "Consider It Done" are now embedded into our management team's vocabulary and actions.

— Jeanne Bronson, VP Training & Professional Development, The Pearson Group

My managers were able to clearly understand their influence on the success of their workgroup. Accepting responsibility was the key principle that has made a tremendous difference in our staff.

— Cigna Healthcare

Everyone walked away from our meeting energized – not only with motivational thoughts, but also with practical tips that we can use in our everyday lives. Thanks for delivering more than what we were hoping for!

— Southwest Airlines Co.

For several years we have used Mr. Cottrell’s book, Monday Morning Leadership, as the basis for our core leadership training program. We have purchased hundreds of copies of the book and the program has been so successful that our design approach for the class has been selected to be included as a case study in a new book … I hope that Dave will be pleased not only at our mentioning his book, but also that it has had such a positive impact on leaders across our organization.

— Melanie Brunet Relyea, Training and Development Manager, Oneida Nation Enterprises

Many leadership speakers can offer a great inspirational presentation and you feel like you can change the world until the next morning when you settle back into your daily routine and habits. David steps it up and makes the introspective topics fresh, personal and immediately actionable! We really loved his approach and group interaction. Every leader had something to take back home and use in coaching their teams.

— Graham House, President, Texas Lone Star Chapter, CMAA

Our annual year end Team Leader Meeting was a success thanks to David. We are a 80 year old family owned service business that has now grown to 750 people in 8 Western States. We have had many trainers and speaker at our events and David was by far the most down to earth, entertaining and enlightening with his common sense approach. Some speakers give you what I call a “seminar high” or temporary feeling of motivation or inspiration. But then you get back to the office or I ask the attendees what they learned and often they didn’t have Golden Nuggets to take back. David put together a custom program for us that was a great fit and the 3 hours flew by and never a dull moment as we were interactive and engaged. David’s message was easy to understand and put into practice as soon as they returned.

— Mike Kattan, President, Vortex Industries

David made his presentation personal...inspirational...life-changing…He is one of the best presenters I know.  

— Dr. Diane Lane, Baptist General Convention of Texas

David is an amazing speaker. He has the perfect way of saying what needs to be said, and making it stick.

— Rhonda Thomas, Bridgestone Commercial

David's abundant leadership experience really shows in his training ability. He keeps the audience focused on the most important aspects of being a leader. Great Workshop!

— Ericsson, Inc.

David's presentation was extremely well received. On target, with great reminders and challenges. David and his keynote address was the star; with highest accolades and setting the tone and stage for everything that followed. Thanks to you and David for making this happen and allowing us to benefit of his vast knowledge, experience and talent.

— Eli Cotti, Director, NBAA

[David's] workshop was outstanding! It was packed full of ideas and techniques I will use immediately.

— Federal Express

'Monday Morning Leadership' is a great book. Having David speak to my team helped reinforce the lessons he shared in the book. We all left his talk better prepared to use the concepts and be better leaders.

— Paul T. Menk, BBDM – Southeast Business Banking, Wells Fargo Bank

What an amazing speaker and leader!!! Everyone was really excited and glad to be a part of this meeting. Thank you all for helping this meeting be a great success!!!

— Larry Shaffer, Sr. VP of Marketing and Business Development, Insperity, Inc.