Stephen Frost

I have been fortunate enough to work with Stephen on a couple of occasions, and he always brings a compelling mix of engaging ideas, opinion, fascinating experience, insight and humor to bring to life Inclusive Leadership discussion and debate. Change is personal, and Stephen has acted as a positive catalyst to help guide individuals and organizations we partner with to broaden their thinking, re-focus on D&I Culture and proactively lead change.

— Tim Cozze-Young, Executive Engagement Program Manager, Microsoft UK

Stephen generates a wave of enthusiasm amongst his colleagues and peers to implement his vision for the creation of a truly diverse and inclusive workforce. He does so with imaginative and thought provoking initiative and acts as a standard bearer for the mission.

— Mick Wright, Former Head of Logistics, London 2012

[Stephen's] client focused, can-do attitude, combined with expert knowledge and rapid delivery made working with Stephen a delight. 

— Mark Palmer-Edgecumbe, Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Google, London, UK

Steve helped design and facilitate our Global Culture and Inclusion leadership summit. The design was outstanding, with a perfect balance between intelligent provocation, humor and respect, enabling him to guide over 250 of our top people through an intensive two day journey. This is testament to his vast knowledge, credibility and thought-leadership. The process of working with him in advance exceeded my expectations, as he was always in contact, always willing to go the extra mile and came up with several original ideas we had not considered, that improved the summit. His performance was world-class, as the feedback demonstrated. I appreciated Stephen being very present - his calm and professional demeanor in a high-stress environment, and the way he was consistently respectful, encouraging and transparent. He embodies inclusive leadership and successfully and skilfully navigated between our CEO and junior staff with seamless effort. I would have no hesitation in recommending Stephen to work with your organization.

— Richard S. Spada, MA, CPC, Sr. Global Manager Diversity & Inclusion, Novartis

Stephen Frost is an courageous, principled and extremely competent manager who understands people and can skillfully undertake challenging initiatives and difficult assignments with a unusual combination of determined commitment and clear-headedness.

— Marty Linsky, Harvard University and Owner, Cambridge Leadership Associates, USA

Stephen Frost's work on diversity and inclusion focuses on how organizations can better actualize their mission through diversity and inclusion practices. He works in partnership with line managers and leaders throughout giving them new tools to manage their operations and achieve desired outcomes. He takes diversity from the sidelines to the center by enhancing capacity and improving talent pipelines.

— Victoria Budson, Executive Director, Women and Public Policy Program, Harvard Kennedy School

Steve Frost gave a key note address at Computacenter's first hothouse event that is still being talked about and used today throughout our company. His delivery and content was relevant to the entire audience and enabled a much quicker route to positive creativity. Sometimes technical, industrial and engineering focused organizations can lose sight of the fact that they are a people business. That is their main differentiator. Steve was critical to ensuring we at Computacenter harness that differentiation and that true inclusion is the foundation for our future.

— Steve Rayner, Service Innovation Director, Computacenter

[Stephen] was fantastic. He was able to successfully engage the students on a sensitive topic without offending anyone. Many, myself included, came away thinking differently about the value of diversity in the workplace. His presentation was so much more than the platitudes that many of us have come to expect from a diversity talk. Of particular value was a discussion of concrete strategies to successfully create an inclusive environment beyond just setting quotas. I can highly recommend Steve.

— Brigitte C Madrian - Aetna Professor of Public Policy and Corporate Management, Harvard University


Stephen's approach to Diversity and Inclusion at London 2012 really displays his passion and determination to go beyond his personal best in firmly embedding D&I in our organizational DNA. He does this through his engagement with all areas of the business and through some inspirational, highly memorable approaches to getting the importance of D&I across to everyone.

— Adrian Corcoran, Former Head of Venue Technology Services, London 2012

Stephen's exceptional ability to support and encourage, whilst setting unequivocal standards, presented a welcome challenge to us at Kent County Council. He balanced friendly advice with a professional manner throughout. Both in setting up the Stonewall Leadership Program - a genuine "first", with world-class facilitation - and in our personal dealings, Stephen has helped me to develop my role and my own leadership style. He has been a pleasure to work with.

— Thomas Molloy, Chair, Rainbow Forum, Kent County Council, UK

Stephen was amazing to work with. He could be trusted to deliver on his word. We worked together on a new creative concept of funding research reports that could be developed and used by all companies.

— Louella Eastman, Former Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Aviva, London, UK

Stephen was the keynote speaker at our recent Canadian Supplier Diversity Conference in Toronto. He added great value to the session with his obvious conviction to diversity/inclusivity, his knowledge of this subject, and his humorous/entertaining presentation style. Thanks so much for sharing your zeal; it's contagious!

— Don Chapman, Vice President, Business Development, Diversity Business Network (DBN)

The event was a great success… Your thoughtfulness and experience on these challenging issues made for an incredibly rich discussion. It's always a good sign when you can't get through the planned questions!

— Kevin A Li | Head, European Region | CIBC World Markets plc

With humor and pragmatism, Stephen Frost uses stories to show what works and doesn't in building inclusive teams. He makes a clear business case for leaving aside 'Diversity 101' trainings and preaching. Instead, he offers proven strategies, based on metrics and proven results, for removing bias from the interview process and for recruiting diverse applicants.

— Michele Wucker, President, World Policy Institute

Stephen is able to bring a level of creativity and negotiation within his role which is brilliant, be it negotiating resource cost effectively or deciding on a creative approach to engaging the organization on tough issues within diversity and inclusion. It can be described in some cases as making the impossible possible! ...an exceptional presenter and is without doubt one of the best I have ever heard and seen. Stephen is able to tackle challenging issues with great tenacity and dexterity and I have seen him deal with a number of situations, which have resulted in significant change on a number of levels. I am more than happy to recommend Stephen.

— Claire A-Lina, Head of Employee Relations and HR Support Services, The Co-operative Group

Stephen Frost, the former head of diversity and inclusion for the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games... recently published a book titled the Inclusion Imperative. At the recent launch event, hosted by Lord Deighton at the Treasury, Stephen said: 'People perform better when they can be themselves. This can make or break companies.' That's why we hired him.

— Simon Collins, UK Chairman of KPMG

Stephen is highly committed, loyal and diligent. He is a good and inclusive team leader and an effective communicator. Stephen relates confidently and well to people at all levels and is an excellent ambassador for his organization. He is good at developing a clear strategic vision and then implementing it tenaciously and practically in a way that adapts to changing circumstances.

— Michael Pitfield, Director of International Business, Henley Business School, UK

Stephen Frost brought Diversity & Inclusion to light in a way that everyone could appreciate and understand. His presentation was compelling and inspiring to our diverse and global workforce.

— Christina Ackermann, Senior Vice President, Alcon Laboratories, Inc

In about 40 minutes [Stephen] held the 600 diversity professionals in attendance spellbound as he recounted the opportunities and challenges of the first truly inclusive Olympics. He also challenged them to do the same within their own organizations and left them inspired to rise to Olympic heights. I have a received kudos and high praise for inviting him to speak, but the kudos and praise belong to Steve Frost!

— Steve Humerickhouse, Director, Forum on Workplace Inclusion, University of St. Thomas Opus College of Business, Minneapolis, USA

We were delighted to welcome Stephen Frost as the lead presenter for our global D&I month celebrations on the topic of Inclusion. Stephen led two webinars which had a global reach of 500 people.  Stephen presented a compelling case for Inclusion in an eloquent and informed way. He was knowledgeable, relevant and commercial, and handled questions brilliantly.  Thank you Stephen for being part of our celebrations, for contributing in such an outstanding way and for progressing our Inclusion conversation within BP.

— Lynn O'Connor, Global D&I Lead, BP