Stephen's Books


Stephen is the author of The Inclusion Imperative: How Real Inclusion Creates Better Business and Builds Better Societies (Kogan Page, 2014), Inclusive Talent Management: How Business Can Thrive in an Age of Diversity (Kogan Page, 2016), and Building an Inclusive Organization: Leveraging the Power of Your Diverse Workforce (Kogan Page, forthcoming, 2019).



Inclusive Talent Management

Reframe how you think about talent management, diversity and inclusion with this paradigm-shifting book that:

  • Holds a mirror up to current discriminatory and unfair practices, explaining the dire need to shift from current ‘homogenous talent management’ to ‘inclusive talent management’.
  • Provides the practical steps and best practice for incorporating diversity and inclusion into talent management strategy.
  • Includes insights and examples from more than 60 leading organizations around the world across a range of sectors.


The Inclusion Imperative

The Inclusion Imperative is a useful guide for professionals wishing to develop a genuinely diverse workforce and an inclusive workplace, but who are frustrated at the inadequacy of guidance currently available to them. Through practical advice and case studies, this book helps organizations deliver improved employee recruitment and retention, enhanced productivity and better decision-making.  Leadership, diversity and communications expert Stephen Frost demonstrates that inclusion is not just a moral imperative but one that brings economic and other intangible benefits to organizations.