Brian Gareau

Engaging higher performance through improved business culture and more consistent in-sync employee behavior

Speaker, author and consultant Brian Gareau has more than 30 years of experience helping organizations to accelerate and sustain higher performance through improvements in their people (Engagement) and processes (Business Culture). Brian is also a leading expert in administering Culture Assessments and turning that data into real action that directly and positively impacts his clients’ bottom line. Brian is passionate about equipping companies with the tools they need to develop engagement, which he calls the ‘glue’ for talent management. To date, Brian has provided Organizational Effectiveness and Organizational Development (OE/OD) consulting services to nearly 200 locations around the globe.


Brian Gareau has an amazing combination of manufacturing experience and authentic relationships... He understands how crucial an organization's culture is to both sales and safe, efficient production, not to mention the well-being of employees. Brian is smart, capable, and knows his stuff—he brings both a strong focus on the numbers and genuine caring for others. He's a thoroughly decent human being and will be an asset to the organizations he partners with.

— Tom Epperson, Leadership Development Manager, LUCK COMPANIES™

I have known Brian for over 15 years and I believe he is one of the very few creative thought leaders in the space of engagement and leadership ... and how they can significant improve financial metrics. But Brian does not stop with the analytics, he is the master at putting theory and data to work to create those bottom line results for your organization.

— Jason Sage, HR Director Remanufacturing & Components Division, Caterpillar, Inc.

Brian Gareau is to business as the conductor, composer and musician is to music. From melody to harmony, tone to tempo, and rhythm to form with Brian you get three-in-one. As a keynote speaker, Brian collaborates to deliver a compelling message that aligns with the organization's thematic focus. As a breakout speaker, Brian engages the audience and delivers custom "take home" value. And, in a small group setting, Brian delivers individual insights that provides a personal connection linking his depth of knowledge to his business acumen. I have engaged Brian in each of these capacities and know him to have the qualities that those of us who hire speakers need and want. He is a seasoned business leader that delivers wisdom without being overwhelming. From the planners’ perspective, know that Brian will support your program from concept to implementation. He is a trusted business insider that delivers on his promises.

— Dennis M. Grim, Business to Business Communications