Richard Hawk

It’s rare to find someone who is both an experienced safety professional and an entertaining speaker. Amazingly, Richard fits the bill. While his depth of knowledge and experience make for content-rich sessions (Richard gained 15 years of practical experience, first, as a safety engineer in the nuclearindustry, then as a safety consultant for a wide variety of industries), his theater background enables him to make his presentations fun, exciting, and most importantly, effective at creating vibrant safety cultures. All presentations include handouts, prices and props.

For All-Employees

Mindfully Safe

Improve Safety Performance By Paying Better Attention

Being mindful helps you pay better attention to what you’re doing and improves your ability to avoid hazards. Time Magazine calls it “the science of finding focus in a stressed-out multitasking culture.” Google, Nike, Proctor Gamble, hospitals, schools and professional sports teams are just a few of the many organizations who are including this science, mindfulness training, as part of their health & safety and performance programs.

Research and real-life results show that mindfulness reduces stress and improves your health. During this inspiring keynote, you’ll learn practical ways to include mindfulness in your daily life (as well as tips on how to begin a mindfulness program at your company for safety leadership audiences).

Attack Stress at Work

Proven Methods for Handling Stress and Reducing its Impact on Performance

It’s a fact that in today’s fast-paced world, we are expected to get more done with fewer resources. This kind of stress can affect people’s safety performance. In fact, according to the American Psychological Association, stress is a major factor in many accidents. During this in-depth training, participants will learn how to attack stress – the modern epidemic. Whether it’s stress due to a frantic work schedule or unexpected life changes, they will discover proven ways to handle day-to-day stressors. And, the workshop itself is a great stress reliever because it’s so much fun!

Bring It On Home

Powerful Inspiration for Living a Safe and Healthy Life

According to the National Safety Council, “U.S. workers are safer on the job than in their homes or communities. Nearly all of workers’ unintentional fatalities and more than 70 percent of disabling injuries occur off the job. For every two workplace injuries, there are five off-the-job injuries”. During this engaging and convincing presentation, Richard Hawk moves audiences to change their day-to-day habits while they are away from the job. He offers practical, easy-to-remember tips and techniques to replace dangerous and unhealthy habits with behaviors for a safer and healthier life. Safer habits at home lead to safer habits at work.

For Safety Leaders

Crackerjack Coaching

Inspire Your Employees to Perform Like Safety Superstars!

The best safety and health professionals don’t just tell employees to “do this” and “don’t do that.” Instead, they use coaching techniques that inspire people to excel, and when necessary they counsel them without causing resentment. They are “Crackerjack Coaches!”

During this fun and interactive talk, Richard will reveal what exceptional safety leaders do to stimulate world-class safety performance using powerful coaching techniques. Attendees will learn valuable skills that allow them to be a “Crackerjack Coach” – a coach with marked excellence.

Create a Vibrant Safety Culture

Lead the Way to an Accident‐Free Workplace

Leaders face a special set of challenges when it comes to safety performance. Not only do they have to understand a wide array of safety requirements, but they also need to possess the social skills to influence people to perform better. This engaging training session helps leaders develop those skills and create a vibrant safety culture that everyone will buy in to. Participants will learn how to increase their influence as a safety leader and better inspire employees to take to heart their company’s safety and health values.

Great Leaders Make Safety Fun!

Using Your Influence to Create a Vibrant Safety Culture

Leaders at Southwest Airlines, Google, Raytheon and other world-class companies know that when employees are in a good mood and enjoy their work – in other words, having FUN – they perform better. That means they make fewer mistakes and have fewer accidents. In this engaging program, leaders will learn how to leverage their influence to instill a spirit of fun in your company’s safety culture. Richard Hawk, world-renowned expert on making safety fun, uses stories, props, songs and innovative interactions to share what he’s learned from working with hundreds of leaders in all kinds of industries. Audiences can’t help but have fun while they discover new ideas they can put into action right away.

Just Imagine!

Innovative Ideas to Keep Your Safety Program Fresh and Alive

This mental workout will give you the power and the skills to create safety and health campaigns guaranteed to pump-up your employees. Let Richard take you on a surprising and wonderful ride that will strengthen your amazing imagination and hone your creativity. A stronger imagination will not only make you a better problem solver, but also give you the passion, know-how and ideas to revitalize all aspects of your safety program.

Spice It Up!

Practical Ways to Turn Your Safety Presentations from Bland to GRAND!

Let’s face meetings have a reputation for being boring. But they don’t have to be! Using the time-tested techniques in Spice It Up, your safety leaders can deliver captivating, compelling and memorable safety meetings that will promote safe behavior and reduce accidents. Participants will master various presentation skills and learn dozens of ways to take even the most mundane topic (even hazmat and confined space training) and turn it into an exciting learning experience. No more napping in your safety meetings!

The Future of Safety

A Hawk‐Eye View of New Trends on the Safety Horizon

During this insightful presentation, Richard Hawk shares what is on the horizon for the safety and health field and how you and your company can take advantage of emerging trends. Richard’s work with dozens of companies in a wide array of industries every year allows him to see firsthand what is new, what is developing and what isn’t working with respect to safety. Don’t get left behind! Find out everything you and your team need to know to keep your safety program on the leading edge.


Using your personal energy to stimulate world-class safety Performance

Discover habits and skills that will make you a more powerful safety leader. You’ll learn how to spread your personal energy throughout your company and community to make good things happen. You’ll leave with the YOU POWER! know-how to improve your companies’ safety performance.