Richard Hawk

Richard spent more than 15 years working in the safety industry — first as a safety engineer for a nuclear power plant and then as a safety consultant for a wide variety of industries — before becoming a keynote speaker. Richard’s depth of knowledge and experience make for content-rich sessions. And his energetic speaking style makes his presentations upbeat and exciting for attendees.

Signature Topics for Safety Leaders

Mindfully Safe for Leaders

Practical Ways to Improve Your Employees’ Safety Performance by Helping Them Keep Their Mind on the “Task at Hand”

Being mindful helps you pay better attention to what you’re doing and improve your ability to avoid hazards. Time Magazine calls it “the science of finding focus in a stressed-out multitasking culture.” Google, Nike, Proctor Gamble, hospitals, schools and professional sports teams are just a few of the many organizations who are including this science, mindfulness training, as part of their health & safety and performance programs.

Research and real-life results show that mindfulness also reduces stress and improves your health. During this life-changing session with Richard Hawk, you’ll learn practical ways to include mindfulness in your daily life and how to pass on what you learn to your employees.

This keynote experience will give insight to help attendees:

  • Avoid three factors that cause distractions: rumination, sensation and fatigue and proven ways to overcome their influence.

  • Integrate mindfulness into your present safety and health culture that will gain the most acceptance from your employees at all levels in your organization.

  • Increase the focus employees pay to checklists, inspections and other routine tasks that often become “mind-numbing.”

  • Help their employees better control their negative emotions which have been proven to be a MAJOR root cause to poor decisions that lead to accidents.

  • Understand and use techniques progressive companies such as Google, Aetna, General Mills and Merck are using to improve their “white” and “blue” collar employees’ safety performance by including mindfulness as part of their safety and health program.

Create a Vibrant Safety Culture

Lead the Way to an Accident‐Free Workplace

Leaders face a special set of challenges when it comes to safety performance. Not only do they have to understand a wide array of safety requirements, but they also need to possess the social skills to influence people to perform better. This engaging training session helps leaders develop those skills and create a vibrant safety culture that everyone will buy in to. Participants will learn how to increase their influence as a safety leader and better inspire employees to take to heart their company’s safety and health values.

Signature Topic for All-Employees

Mindfully Safe

How to Avoid Accidents and Mistakes by Paying Better Attention

In today’s fast-paced world, lack of focus and mental distractions are a major root cause of accidents. Every year, un-focused acts cost billions of dollars in damage and injury. “Mindfully Safe” combats this problem by giving your employees the tools to concentrate better, heighten their attention to detail and effectively manage distractions. The result? A safer workplace.

Participants will discover how to:

  • Improve their moods and general awareness using three simple habits.

  • Stay focused on the task at hand by practicing down-to-earth methods.

  • Slow down so you can get more work done in less time using proven focusing techniques.

  • Stop distracting thoughts with 3 easy steps.

  • Make better decisions with more confidence.

  • Follow a proven system for handling negative emotions, a major root cause of behavior-based mistakes and incidents.

  • Use habit tags which will remind them to pay attention.

Bring It On Home

Powerful Inspiration for Living a Safe and Healthy Life

According to the National Safety Council, “U.S. workers are safer on the job than in their homes or communities. More than nine out of ten deaths and 80% of medical injuries occur off the job. For every two workplace injuries, there are five off-the-job injuries”. During this engaging and convincing presentation, Richard Hawk moves audiences to change their day-to-day habits while they are away from the job. He offers practical, easy-to-remember tips and techniques to replace dangerous and unhealthy habits with behaviors for a safer and healthier life. Safer habits at home lead to safer habits at work.

Through poignant stories, personal examples and audience interaction, Richard inspires people to develop safe and healthy habits. He helps participants:

  • Understand the real risks of their daily habits and learn how to stop taking shortcuts

  • Realize they can change long-entrenched habits (just not all at once!)

  • See the big picture of their physical health and how much it affects their lifestyle

  • Learn new ways to get their children (yes, even teenagers) to play and drive safely

  • Develop life-long habits that will decrease their risks and improve their health

  • Grasp the impact of their behavior on family, friends and co-workers