Richard Hawk

Richard reminds us all why we got into the field of HSE in the first place. He is genuine and helps the audience reconnect with their inner passion, and shows you how to use that passion to engage employees by ‘making safety fun’.

— Susan McFarland, Director HS&E Affairs, The Barnes Group, LLC

Richard does a dynamic and high impact presentation. He is well informed and confident in his delivery. Participants walk away with a renewed awareness of the need for safety excellence. He was on our top 20 list of highly attended sessions drawing 150+. His hard hitting approach makes it pertinent for use with all types of groups. I highly recommend his use as a presenter at your future conference.

— Hilda Koskiewicz, Conference Manager, National Safety Council

Excellent session this morning. I really appreciate the content and your easy, down to earth delivery - the topic and examples you shared made their way into each of our subsequent discussions through the day, and I think it really helped my team think differently about how to get their teams excited about safety and engagement.

— David DiBoyan, CIH, CSP Director, Global EHS&S, Chemtura Corporation

[Richard,] I had to take a minute of your time to tell you what an excellent speaker you are and how much I thoroughly enjoyed the opening session, your class in the afternoon. After having enjoyed your ezines for a few years and used much of the information, it was a pleasure to meet you. I can't wait until you are in this area again!

— Michelle M. (Shelly) Crawford, Safety Director/Office Mgr., Duffy Brothers Construction, Inc.

We loved having Richard kick off our Safety Stand-Down Day. He was a powerful speaker who captivated our employees; who hung on his every word. I have had several employees approach me since Richard’s presentation congratulating me for finding Richard and having him participate in our safety event. Further, I know some have purchased the books he referenced in regards to mindfulness; this speaks volumes of how well his message was received.

— Brian M. Lazarchick, MS, CSP, Safety Director, SMECO


Richard is a truly an "out of the box presenter" when it comes to delivering a "Focus on Safety" message. He kept our management and union attendees attention throughout his program and we received nothing but positive feedback...we don’t usually get that. 

— Matthew Johnson, Ameren

I was a participant in the workshop you presented yesterday in Kingsport, Tennessee. The previous day's workshop had been less than inspiring--at least for a secondary teacher. So I entered your workshop with some dread (and a novel discreetly hidden in my bag!). However, my dread soon disappeared to be replaced by delight that I had chosen to attend your workshop. Your presentation was excellent and offered many suggestions that I hope to put to use in my own life. In fact, your presentation is one of the good things I recorded in my journal. Thanks for a wonderful, inspiring day.

— Carol M. McMurray

It is my nature to be excessively frugal. It was difficult for me to pay top dollar for a speaker (especially in today’s economy). That being said,  I am happy I made the call to book Richard for our safety conference. He was inspirational and informative. His style and message set the tone for our meeting and the year to come. I am a satisfied client!

— Craig Bressan, Dynegy

Your wonderful talk on safety was so unique, and your humorous approach to getting the point across was fun and exciting. You really did make an impact on our lives. I was a ‘star’ that day for having picked you, and I thank you for that.

— Sandra R. La Mont, Service Coordinator, Dupont

The cries of, “Bring back that Hawk guy” have been resounding here for weeks. You were certainly a big hit at our Annual Conference. The General Session was standing room only, and we would have had to double the space to accommodate all those who wanted to attend your workshop.

— Lyman A. Cousens, Executive Director, Safety and Health Council of Northern New England

Richard was AWESOME! INTERESTING! And I can't wait to have him back!  

— Jo E. Hogue, Environmental/Maintenance Technician, Equistar

Year after year, Richard Hawk provides engaging presentations with valuable life-saving information. Whether it’s an audience of 50 or 1000 Richard engages with attendees in such a way that leaves them feeling energized and renewed about safety!

— Hilda Koskiewicz, National Safety Council