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Since 1999, Richard’s bi-weekly Safety Stuff e-zine acts as a clearinghouse for the best ideas from thousands of safety professionals around the globe. He is the author of four popular books: Spice It Up! 52 Easy Ways Turn Your Safety Meetings From Bland to Grand, The Safety Leader’s Guide Book, Just Imagine!, and 250 Super Bright Safety Meeting and Promotional Ideas. His articles are regularly published in safety magazines, and he is a monthly columnist for the U.S. National Safety Council’s magazine, Safety+Health.



250 Super Bright Safety Meeting & Promotion Ideas

You'll Never Have to Search for a Safety Meeting Idea Again! Here’s an amazing time-saving product designed for the busy safety professional that has too many meetings to prepare for and not enough time--the one that has to hurry and put together a safety theme yesterday or find ways to promote your safety program when you’re fresh out of ideas.

Now you can find an idea for just about any common safety topic like "Chemical Handling," Accident Investigations" or "Vehicles and Driving" to name a few.



The Best of Safety Stuff, Vol. 1

Get the choicest bits from the first 100 issues--safety tips and insights, humor and trivia--assembled into a paperback you can enjoy every day. This 147-page volume also includes 15 safety meeting and promotion ideas from subscribers.  Whether you need fresh ideas for your next safety meeting, a historical fact to impress your co-workers, or just a really hard belly laugh, it's all inside. Find out why Richard Hawk leads the field in making safety fun, memorable and effective. Get The Best of Safety Stuff Volume One today! 



The Best of Safety Stuff, Vol. 2

This book is jam- packed with funny and unusual safety and health stories, tidbits, jokes, statistics, interesting facts and other fun stuff from issues 101-200 of Safety Stuff.  The BOSS 2 has 187 pages including 20 innovative safety meeting and promotion ideas contributed by Safety Stuff subscribers. LET THE BOSS WORK FOR YOU! You’re rushing to give another safety meeting and want to SPICE things up. 



Spice It Up! 52 Easy Ways to Turn Your Safety Meetings from Bland to GRAND!

Don’t bore your audience with the same old safety “blah, blah, blah”. Spice it up this time!  That’s just what you’ll be able to do when you apply Richard’s 52 tips in Spice It Up! 52 Easy Ways To Turn Your Safety Meetings from Bland to GRAND! With this fun and helpful guide you’ll learn how to:

  • Capture your audience’s attention right from the getgo.
  • Get your audience involved.
  • Make your points “hit home”.
  • Set up competitions that help employees learn
  • Tell better safety stories.
  • Use your voice to generate excitement.
  • Make the meeting memorable.

Most important of all, Spice It Up! will help you reduce accidents by making your safety meetings an exciting and effective tool for promoting safe behavior.