Nick's Book

A Slice of the Pie

How to Build a Big Little Business

How does a suburban pizza joint end up profiled on national magazine covers and network TV news? (Hint: The secret is not in the sauce). In A Slice of the Pie, Sarillo tells the story of how he built his extraordinary culture and shows how anyone can follow his methods. For instance, Nick’s managers engage the staff by tracking and rewarding unusual metrics, such as how many guests request a particular server or the average check amount of each carryout host. Likewise, team members of all ages and levels of experience are encouraged to express themselves, acquire new skills, and suggest ideas to help the business grow.


What Others Are Saying About A Slice of the Pie...

Nick Sarillo understands how culture can make or break an organization, and the work he’s done at his restaurant is a testament to that fact. A Slice of the Pie lays out a perfect pattern for turning even an ordinary business into something extraordinary. Every business owner should read this book.

— Sonia M. Nevis PhD, Founder of Gestalt International Study Center

A Slice of the Pie isn’t just about creating a transforming, inspiring business culture. It’s about the importance of developing a nurturing, supportive, evolving, compassionate community. Nick Sarillo’s story will change the way you think about leadership, no matter who you are."

— Pamela J. Althoff, State Senator of Illinois.

A Slice of the Pie is more than just a great business story. It’s a testament to how a great culture can transform an ordinary company into something extraordinary.

— Tony Hsieh, New York Times Bestselling author of Delivering Happiness and CEO of

There are only a few CEOs today who have the courage to put people before numbers. Nick Sarillo is one of those leaders. The best part is, his numbers are vastly better than everyone else’s. We can all learn a lot about how to treat people and how to run a business from Nick. Inspire on!

— Simon Senek, optimist and author of Start With Why

Using Nick’s leadership tools, we transformed how we work together and communicate. Teamwork, collaboration, and little to no drama, have made us more efficient and the best part is that we are all having more fun than ever.

 Mark Mitchell, Lifetime member of State Farm’s Presidents Club

Nick Sarillo’s restaurants are living proof of trust-and-track’s effectiveness in bringing out the best in people – not just employees., but managers, customers, and members of the communities that a business serves.

— Bo Burlington, author of Small Giants and editor-at-large of Inc.magazine