Lea Waters, PhD

Dr. Lea Waters is a substantive and inspirational speaker. She is also one of those rare speakers who brings research to life so that it can be directly applied in practice. She is engaging, informative and impactful, providing lasting impacts on the audience who is fortunate enough to hear her speak. 

— Jane Dutton PhD, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan

Lea Waters is a terrific speaker.  As an educator and parent, she brings real-life experience to her presentations. As an experienced speaker, she knows how to connect with diverse audiences with warmth and humor. I always enjoy being in the audience when she is on stage; I know I’m in good hands and that I’ll leave the talk informed and inspired.

— James Pawelski, Executive Director, International Positive Psychology Association

Professor Lea Waters helped to bring two disparate investment teams together. Each had a proud and sometimes oppositional culture. Lea utilised many technical and personal talents to alleviate challenges and develop potential. Many of us looked forward to our periodic conversations where Lea held complete trust. From these candid discussions she could assess cultural priorities effectively. Our working environment improved immensely and Lea was the difference. Our Global Chief Investment Officer, on one occasion, remarked that discussing his wider business circumstances with her when he first arrived made his whole trip to Australia worthwhile already. That was just a normal day for Lea.

— Ken Liow, (Retired) Managing Director Equities, Black Rock Investment

Dr. Lea Waters is a captivating and engaging speaker who was able to hold the attention of a room full of 50 Senior leaders and executives from across tech, telecommunications, finance and government. Her balance of insightful, accessible research and energizing interactive sessions was both entertaining and enriching. Dr. Waters inspired, educated and motivated the attendees, and we are already planning a repeat event with her.

— Rachel Slattery, Director, SlatteryIT

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Working with Professor Lea Waters is insightful, inspiring and invigorating; indeed she lives and breathes every aspect of Visible Wellbeing. Lea’s outstanding ability to connect with others enables her to develop strong rapport with those she works with. She is a woman to be admired and a role model for all.

— Joanne Wastle, Principal, Kambrya College, VIC, Australia

Lea’s speaking style is dynamic, engaging and lively. She has the ability to distill complex psychological science and the intricacies of research into layman’s terminology, thus ensuring her audience connects with, and understands, the material she is presenting.

— Marita Hayes-Brown, Chief Executive Officer & Company Secretary, Positive Education Schools Association Ltd

One of the best decisions we made as a school about to implement a whole-school move towards Positive Education, was to invite an inspirational speaker to provide all-staff training. Lea was more than inspirational. She provided a depth of knowledge in science and research, as well as resourcing teachers and school leaders in practical ways to teach students, support growth and impact the wider community. . . Lea's impact at CIS was significant and we continue to appreciate having had such a respected and renowned world leader who not only had a remarkable depth in knowledge and an engaging teaching style, but also the ability to connect with people - students, adults, parents, teachers alike.

— Su Fenwick Kong, Head of Student Support, Chinese International School