Brian Gareau

I have known Brian for over 15 years and I believe he is one of the very few creative thought leaders in the space of engagement and leadership ... and how they can significant improve financial metrics. But Brian does not stop with the analytics, he is the master at putting theory and data to work to create those bottom line results for your organization.

— Jason Sage, HR Director Remanufacturing & Components Division, Caterpillar, Inc.

Brian has the unique ability to distill complex concepts, ideas and data into clear and concise information that people can relate to, understand and act on. Throughout my time in working with Brian, I have watched him utilize this talent to teach to CEO’s and front line employees alike. He is passionate about helping organizations improve by focusing on their most valuable asset-their people.

— Kris Erickson, Kenexa®

Brian delivered a wealth of knowledge about leadership to our team.  His style and delivery of his message was well received by our team. Our team felt very comfortable during Brian’s deliver and were fully engaged in the session.  He teaches with such clarity which makes it easy to receive a lot of take a ways.

— Steve Stewart, Director of Organizational Development, Morton Industries

Brian did a great job in taking employee engagement concepts understood by those in HR and breaking them down into small bytes and formulas for the technical managers of our organization. It helped to minimize the anxiety of creating additional work into an understanding that is just changing the way we already do things, not adding more steps.

— Justin Dunlap, VP of Operations, Specialty Granules, Inc.

We are so grateful for all of the work that Brian has done with and for us. He is genuinely interested in our mission and work which is easily seen through each experience that we’ve had with him. Brian effectively communicates with staff while engaging them in meaningful dialogue that leads to solutions. As a matter of fact, every time he provides training or consultation he is all in and helps us to increase knowledge and improve processes.

— Jeff A. Gress, President & CEO, Crittenton Centers

Brian brings new insight to communication in the workforce!  His presentations are engaging and encourage participants to reflect not only on their own personality and communication styles, but those of their coworkers as well.  The information can change the way your organization works together!

— Donna Ashley, Peoria Education Partners

Brian Gareau has an amazing combination of manufacturing experience and authentic relationships... He understands how crucial an organization's culture is to both sales and safe, efficient production, not to mention the well-being of employees. Brian is smart, capable, and knows his stuff—he brings both a strong focus on the numbers and genuine caring for others. He's a thoroughly decent human being and will be an asset to the organizations he partners with.

— Tom Epperson, Leadership Development Manager, LUCK COMPANIES™


Brian’s ability to connect to the audience with a message that is both inspirational and tangible, is a rarity in the heavy equipment manufacturing sector. Brian’s understanding of high level strategy development, and the translation into execution makes him a gem in People Space.

— Tiffany A. Curry, Caterpillar, Inc.

Brian was a guest speaker on one of APQC’s human capital community calls – it was a very well-attended and engaging call, and the feedback from the participants was very positive. In fact, many had follow up questions that Brian was kind enough to address personally. Brian has deep expertise and experience in the topic of employee engagement – I would invite Brian to guest speak at other APQC events.

— Rachele Williams, SPHR, Senior Project Manager, APQC

I have enjoyed my time working with Mr. Brian Gareau, and have come to know him as a valuable asset to any team. Not only is Brian thorough, but he is very accommodating to delivering the product you are looking for. Brian and I have worked together for the past year, where he has contributed to the Association’s monthly publication, Construction Equipment Distribution (CED) Magazine. His knowledge of employee engagement and people management has helped our readership identify necessary learning skills to improve their working environments and to drive optimal levels of success. Along with his undeniable talent, Brian would be a great advantage to your organization.

— Sara Smith, Managing Editor — CED Magazine, Associated Equipment Distributors (AED)

Brian Gareau is to business as the conductor, composer and musician is to music. From melody to harmony, tone to tempo, and rhythm to form with Brian you get three-in-one. As a keynote speaker, Brian collaborates to deliver a compelling message that aligns with the organization's thematic focus. As a breakout speaker, Brian engages the audience and delivers custom "take home" value. And, in a small group setting, Brian delivers individual insights that provides a personal connection linking his depth of knowledge to his business acumen. I have engaged Brian in each of these capacities and know him to have the qualities that those of us who hire speakers need and want. He is a seasoned business leader that delivers wisdom without being overwhelming. From the planners’ perspective, know that Brian will support your program from concept to implementation. He is a trusted business insider that delivers on his promises.

— Dennis M. Grim, Business to Business Communications

Brian Gareau set a whole new standard for employee engagement work while at Caterpillar. Using his practical operations and public relations experience, he was able to work with senior and local leaders to drive resultsover and over again, around the globe. He brings all of this to his presentations: his experience, his passion for the subject, and his drive for success. His low-key style keeps it real and the audience listening as he shares valuable insights on how they could strategically implement his ideas and techniques within their own organizations.

— Russell Morris, Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO, The Conference Board

Brian Gareau’s talent and expertise have added tremendous value to our organization. With Brian’s guidance, we were able to better understand our internal customers’ experiences and develop action plans accordingly. Brian is helping us improve the service provided to our own employees. We are fortunate to work with him on this important initiative.

— Scott Anderson, Sr. VP Finance & Insurance, RUSH Enterprises

Fantastic presentation ... [Brian] was a wonderful and interactive speaker. The content of the presentation was useful and informative. We received many positive comments from our attendees and several people purchased the materials he had available. We look forward to Brian coming back for another session with our members in the future.

— Melissa Mummert, Board Member Dupage SHRM Chapter