Brian's Books


Brian is the co-author of four books including 180 Ways to Build Employee Engagement and A Slice of Life: The Benefits of Personal Engagement. He is a regular contributor to CED (Construction Equipment Distribution) Magazine.



180 Ways to Build Employee Engagement

Why is it that so many leaders make employee engagement a low priority? Why don't they hold themselves and others more accountable for making it happen? Two primary reasons: either they don't care to—or they don't know how to. This book is designed for members of that latter group. And it's for all those leaders who get that... effective strategies and plans without dedicated people executing them fall short of expectations... that great products without team members providing quality service will not build customer loyalty... and that competitive wages and benefits are not the only things that motivate employees. 



A Slice of Life: The Benefits of Personal Engagement

An engaging story about a disillusioned journalist, who during an unexpected visit, finds surprising wisdom in and around a small town pizzeria in Upstate New York. Each of his encounters reinforces simple and heartfelt truths having to do with priorities, choices, commitment and contentment. The story shares lessons that can be applied both in your personal and professional life.